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What is Audiology?

Audiology is the study of the principles of human hearing including the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss. An audiologist is a certified hearing-care professional qualified to assess hearing function, the balance system, hearing loss and to provide auditory rehabilitation. Audiologists must obtain a Masters degree and pass a national examination. 

​Causes Of Hearing Loss
Physical changes within the ear caused by aging
An ear infection
An ear injury
An inherited or congenital ear condition  
Exposure to loud music or noise 
Ear disease

High Risk Factors for Hearing Loss
Kidney disease
Heart disease
Radiation therapy
Ototoxic medications
Aging Process
Family history

Who Should have a Hearing Evaluation?
Adults 50+ 
Patients with Chronic kidney disease
Patients with Diabetes
Patients with heart Disease
Patients with Alzimers, Dementia, and /or Parkinsons
Patients (prior to and during ) receiving cancer treatments 
Children with language development/ learning/ attention difficulties
Individuals with a history of noise exposure, e.g., loud music/tools and machinery
Individuals suffering from Tinnitus, i.e., Ringing, hissing or buzzing in ears 
Individuals with balance problems, dizziness or vertigo
Individuals with fluctuating hearing ability
Individuals with any sudden changes to hearing in one ear
​If one ear hears better than the other ear
People with difficulty understanding speech in noisy places 
People with difficulty understanding speech in group situations
Sensation/feeling of ear pressure and/or plugged ears 
If T.V. or radio volume is too loud for others